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Get ready for the ultimate fighting challenge. Combat Tournament Legends is an action-packed fighting game, which will surely test you to the limit. Swift combos and pumping adrenaline are part of the pack. The other part are several play modes and numerous characters. You can select the way you prefer to play, plus the level of difficulty. Sometimes you'd have to fight with six enemies with various weapons, who unleash more damage than you by a mile. But with enough skill and opportunistic attacks you will be able to take them down.

After all, this is the Combat Tournament Legends. Nothing comes easy. Except defeat, of course. If you can live up to the challenge, you will unlock cool features and new characters who can aid your future progress.

This game has truly mazing graphics and sound. It is pure pleasure to execute the complex combos, while lashing opponents in the air or smashing them on the ground with fury. The gameplay is simple enough, resembling arcade games, but the possibility for devastating combos is practically endless. IN theory, you can start one combo and never get out of it while there is a single enemy alive.

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