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Games of skill, games of passion. Even in the ice-cold world of Accurate Slapshot Level Pack the temperatures rise when you grab this ice hockey stick. You will need to perform quite a few trick shots with the puck. Scoring is never easy, especially when the goal is a few meters above you. You'd have to come up with some really skillful play there. Hitting the puck softly, and hitting it hard, you will need to estimate different factors in order to reach the goal. Rotating planks and unhelpful rocks will stand on your way at all times, you'd have to avoid them as well as you can.

Accurate Slapshot Level Pack has very simple concept and quite brilliant execution. Good graphics, excellent sound, challenging levels. Finding the right way for the puck is not always easy, but then again, it should not be. Aim carefully and measure the strength of your shots. Maximum strength can take you a long way, but precision and accuracy would do even better. Velocity, physics, obstacles, small and distant goal, this game has it all in a fun and challenging mix. Scoring a goal has never been harder, but the feeling it brings cannot be put in words.

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