Mutant Fighting Cup

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Have you seen a dogfight? What about a fight between a dog with one horn and hellish jaws and a giant insect with venom and healing powers? Everything is possible in the tournament of Mutant Fighting Cup. Incredible gene mutations unleash unseen monsters, thirsty for blood and glory. You start with a rather innocently looking puppy. Soon you will realize that the word innocence and this puppy simply cannot be logically put in the same sentence. It is anything but. Especially after it acquires taste for the blood of thy enemies.

Each victory brings spoils. In this case, they are new genes, which allow even more advanced mutations. You can select how to prepare your dog for each fight of the tournament. Mutations take place before each battle, so you can customize your fighter according to the next adversary. With its cool graphics, Mutant Fighting Cup requires tactical thinking when choosing the hits. Strategic mutations before the fight will determine the chances for failure or success. Each battle, apart of the first few, lasts for quite a while, since both you and the enemy can heal. Every mutation gives you chance for more diverse battle plan.

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