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Medieval times were dangerous, alright. Bloody and merciless, they say. The spirit of an entire age can be judged by the houses they built. In Europe the Dark Ages saw the most extensive fortification systems ever built in human history on this side of the Chinese Wall. Stone walls were built only because they were needed. However, the protection they offered was limited and often insufficient. Invading armies with skillful engineers designed powerful siege weapons which were able to crush and penetrate any defense. Mighty trebuchets were erected and stone was brought back to the ground, crumbling.

In Castle Clout you will be able to enjoy this picture and participate actively in its creation. Launch heavy stones with your trebuchet and destroy feeble castles. If you time your shots to perfection, you will be able to take heads off the defenders. Quite bloody and spectacular all the way. The game relies on a lot of skill. You have to estimate the velocity of the hurled stones and to aim carefully. Castle Clout has graphics which bring certain Medieval scent. The sound is outrageously funny, just blow somebody's head off and you will hear for yourself.

The formula for happy and successful life, Medieval edition is: reload, launch, destroy; rule supreme.

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