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Many times you can hear that the tower defense games require very precise strategy. Age Of War 2 is much more about strategical development of your base than anything else. Build your castle, then upgrade it and defend it. Repel the waves of incoming warriors, sent by the other castle. Each kill gives you money. When you manage to harvest enough of them, you will be able to amass sufficient army to launch attack on your own. Only that this army wouldn't help too much if it were from a lower age, underarmed and unprotected. You need to decide when to upgrade your castle, moving it to a brand new age of warfare.

Castle upgrades are not related to your income, but to your experience points. They are gained in the same manner as coin - by killing people. You cannot upgrade the experience rate, though, while with money it is possible.

There are four different difficulty settings, on the two hardest pretty much every mistake will be the end of you. Age Of War 2 has very distinctive graphics and pumping-up music which will see you rise from prehistoric times to futuristic realms.

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