Resident Wiivile 2

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Welcome to the wicked world of Residend WiiVile 2. Kidnapped people, crawling leeches, huge spiders and zombie-rabbits will greet you there. Many of them would like to hug you, only that these creatures hug with their teeth. Keep your finger on the trigger at all times. If zombie-rabbits don't sound motivational enough, consider real, huge and scary monster running toward you from all directions. Or vampire bats. But this time more vampires than bats.

Resident WiiVile 2 has plenty of shooting and calls for quick reflexes, but the surprises are even more. You will be attacked out of the blue, immediately after seeing a cool piece of video or solving a puzzle. The game has plenty of action and will not leave you a moment to catch your breath.

It has quite successful graphics. In other words, the animation doesn't stay in the way of blood. The sound also is very suitable, helping you feel the wicked atmosphere of WiiVile. You have to stay sharp at all times, because your reflexes and aim will be called to action way too often. Follow the storyline and discover what is going on, what provokes all this weird activity.

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