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Game of skill, game of patience. Game of power. Game of lightning reactions. In the total darkness of a dream. Actually... Do the cats dream? Can they enter other creatures' dreams? Maybe if they have their own dreamworld, others could sneak in? Others with power and knowledge. Others, who once loved, and who now hate. Masters, friends, leaders, servants - they are all these and more.

Loved tells the interactive love story of a cat and its master. Any relationship is built on the choices we make. There are plenty of choices one can make in-game; they will alter the reality of things. They will make the cat remember.

The game has really interesting gameplay. It is full of action. Skill aplenty has to be shown while jumping from one place to the other. Spikes and moving objects will crush the tiny black cat to thousand pieces with the smallest touch. Character made of glass. The choices made affect the environment and the meaning of the story. That makes the game suitable for a few replays. Its relatively short duration helps in that regard too. With amazingly well done graphics and very atmospheric soundtrack, the Loved is one of a kind.

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