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Do you remember, once upon a time there was a game called Arkanoid? Simple little game, but it required - and possibly still does somewhere in the space of awesomeness - significant amount of skill. Pel is something similar. It is a bit like Arkanoid on steroids. Here you do not need to bounce a ball in colorful blocks in order to make them disappear. There is no clearing of level. Also, the space is much limited, only three position. But they are more than enough to make your life a living nightmare. Three locations to cover are just about two too many when bouncing particles are coming from the left and want to exit to the right.

With lightning speed you will have to move your board and catch them before falling into the abyss. Sometimes, the occasional bonus will appear out of thin air and will start falling in its turn. Trying to catch it could be very beneficial, but sometimes could cost you a missed particle.

In Pel both concept and graphics are simple, and the sound minimalistic. Still, in terms of gameplay it is a very tough challenge. Deft fingers and excellent estimation of velocity and timing will make you sweat.

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