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Welcome aboard the deadliest ride! Helibot Mk5 is the latest prototype, designed to perfection to collect energy cells. If this was an easy task, there would be no need for such advanced piece of technology. Alas, the reality is different. All energy cells appear in a dimension full of threats. Laser beams fly everywhere, flying objects cross the skies. Metal platforms try to cut anything that comes their way. You will have to pick up your route extremely carefully. Whenever you move, though, make sure it is with lightning speed.

You will need a lot of skill to keep Mk5 alive. Any collision would result in its immediate destruction. Gravity will be pulling the bot down all the time, so you would not have a second for respite. Talking of time, yours is limited per each level, which adds even more excitement and pressure. Naturally, the faster you collect the energy cells, the better the reward.

Good graphics and excellent sound will meet you in-game. The flying bot is trying really hard to perform well, but the task at hand is rather tough. Steer it away from danger and grab those cells the moment they appear.

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