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Are you fast with the trigger? Fast enough to propel yourself through tight spaces? Well done then, welcome aboard one of the craziest ships ever! In Hazard you will be able to explore many maze-like worlds, risking your life sufficiently in the process. Rolling on the side and flying on projectiles, you must find a way to steer your ship to the small sun of each miniature galaxy. Sentry guns are installed to stop you. Missile defense systems aim at you. Minefields of different sorts stand in your way.
br/>Unless you are courageous, you will fail. But courage alone would do you no good without the sufficient amount of skill. The characteristic way to move with Hazard requires great precision and control, mixed with quickness. Rich in puzzle elements, this game will make your way to the end of each level quite the challenge. Dodging bullets and crossing minefields is an arduous task in itself. Do it on disappearing floors, with spikes lurking underneath, and it becomes quite the monstrous achievement just to stay alive.

Hazard requires skill, but the pace is not that fast. Enjoy the music of the game and let it lead you through the levels.

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