Crystal Runner

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Crystal Runner will take you to a place of constant struggle for survival and more gems.

In a far away galaxy there were no planets in space. Strange twist of the vortex created wicked dimensions. They were full of wondrous floating labyrinths. Full of dangers, these mazes float into seemingly empty space. A skillful navigator can reach them with relative ease. Skillful and lucky, that is. The floating black holes can pass through the hulk of any vessel, regardless of shields and conventional defenses. Speed and maneuverability is what it takes to go among the platforms. Why would one want to go to such a treacherous place, you'd ask? What can motivate a man expose his life willingly to such great danger?

Glory and coin, what else. Well, adrenalin and madness also could contribute bits of motivation here and there. These labyrinths are full of gems, crystals, treasures and hidden power. They are ripe for the taking. A good runner sports a chance. A guy with lightning reactions and sense for gold would do even better. Put guts to this mix, and the odds for success and glory increase tenfold. Who can become the ultimate Crystal Runner?

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