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Some missions are impossible, but not if you are a real superhero. Accept the mantle of the Raven, warrior of the shadows, and reveal the dark mysteries that surround certain scientific lab. Its head researcher suddenly decided to blow it to pieces. Fortunately, parts of his diary and some of his video logs remained. Hunt them down and try to figure out what is happening. Apparently, the test subject managed to escape before the explosion. It remains a bit unclear what powers he has, but the head researcher seems rather worried. After experimentation with telepathy and other superhuman skills, one could think the worse.

Raven 3 has very good graphics and extensive storyline. Study the logs and the videos left by the scientist and you will gain insight about your adversary's nature. The video journals offer some respite from the action, which intensifies gradually. At first, you'd only need to dodge a few mechanized sentries by lurking in the shadows.

There is something strange about Raven 3. The general atmosphere of the game is tense, full of mystery and suspense, but the sounds the character makes when jumping are quite juvenile. Not particularly fitting combination, but this doesn't take anything away from the good game.

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