Nak The Crunkodile

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Help Nak the Crunkodile reach the depths of the Earth and become incredibly cool. The deeper he goes, the more coins he can collect. Also, there are these little creatures roaming around. They deserve a good stomping. Especially when they are on the way to securing idols. Because idols are awesome. Each one of them give special bonus and extra points. In turn, the extra points can be converted into fantastic upgrades. Now, the upgrades make Nak look really awesome. Well, Nak, or some of the other characters. You can unlock them instead of purchasing upgrades and see whether they can outrun the mighty crunkodile.

Calculating your jumps and running fast provides plenty of action. Nak the Crunkodile is quite dynamic. It requires quick reactions and unyielding focus. In the beginning it is not that challenging, but if you really want to score well you will face tougher tests. The game has very decent graphics, with the caves sporting particularly good art. On the other hand, the sound could be a bit annoying, but it brings back memories of old arcade games. Overall, it is quite satisfying experience with some unexpected twists and insane upgrades.

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