3 Pandas

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Once upon a time, there were 3 Pandas. They were living peacefully in their forest, munching bamboo, climbing trees and sleeping. Then, one day bad hunters came along. With nets and traps, spears and saws, they captured the three innocent pandas and put them in a cage. When the bears put their heads together, they realized that escape is not that hard to achieve. Team work pays off big time. Each panda can do certain things to aid the cause.

If you thought for a second that the adventure ends once the pandas escape the ship of their capturers, think again. The world is big and full of dangers. Soon enough the pandas encounter a tribe of indigenous people. Who are quite hungry, apparently. One of the bears is captured, and the other two must go on a rescue mission.

3 Pandas has very catchy graphics and a funny soundtrack. The game is not the most complex one, which makes very suitable for young children. There is virtually no violence involved, as the bears try to sneak pass guards or to scare them off. Good combination between adventure and puzzle, the story of the little bears is touching.

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