Dolphin Olympics 2

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A human once landed on the moon. Heh, big deal. Everybody knows that the smartest and most awesome creature, currently residing on the Earth, is the dolphin. It is the perfect creature. Fit, agile, smart, good looking, with a sense of humor. Surely, with a little effort a dolphin can make it to the moon. Its in their genes. A bit of skill and luck, and a dolphin can fly above the skies. A dolphin, prepared for the Dolphin Olympics 2, that is. The one worthy of winning the contest would achieve divine status among all other dolphins.

Game of skill, Dolphin Olympics 2 is a tough challenge, hidden under wonderful graphics, bubbly aquatic sounds and a playful dolphin. Your goal is to gather as many followers in your school of fish as you can. Then find colorful rings under or above the surface and... Start flying. If you are quick enough, you can follow the rings for quite a while, performing incredible tricks in the process. It is a very challenging mix of patience, sudden action, and entering the zone, jumping from one circle to the next. Go out there and give them your best. In two minutes. So long.

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