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Jumping from platform to platform in an absent-minded daze is my definition of relaxing. There are many ways people can unwind, and some are more accessible than others. For example, some people relax by making spitball artworks on their ceiling, while others relax by playing golf. For the first option all you need is a tube, some paper, spit and a ceiling, but to play golf you need clubs and a car and a caddy and no shame. Totem Jump is part of the first tier. It's free, it's easy and it's right here in front of you.

Totem Jump is a skill game in which you have travel vertically from platform to platform, cloud to cloud, all the way up to the sun. On your way you will find coins, and you know how it goes with coins in these games: you spend them on upgrades in order to get more coins and go higher, faster, with more lives. Your totem also changes the way it looks when you upgrade it, for what it's worth.

Totem Jump will get you to relax. It is like a woman covered in silk caressing your forehead.

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