The Enchanted Cave

Description: Go deep underground for an exploratory trip like no other in the adventure game The Enchanted Cave. A massive labyrinth full of vile creatures holds many treasures. Only the most daring adventurers set foot in there and often the foot remains in the dark corridors for good. Goblins and vicious bats, backed up by army of skeletons will welcome you at first. As you descend deeper, other monsters will make their presence felt in a very distinctive way, usually by bashing your skull with fists.

This adventure game looks deceptively simple in the beginning. There is not much one can do besides walking into monsters and watching the main character slashing them automatically. However, to excel in The Enchanted Cave one needs much better understanding of the mechanics of the game. Essentially, it is a game of distance. You should get as deep as deep goes but your hit points cannot be replenished. That's why it is crucial to pick up your targets carefully. Every run will boost that stats of the hero and will help him further with better gear. Whenever you get back to the surface your health will be restored. Then, descend quickly and pick up the cleansing of the dungeon from the point you left.
Instructions: Play The Enchanted Cave with WASD or the arrow keys. These are the only controls, besides the mouse clicks while trading. Walk into a monster and the hero will automatically slay it. Collect loot from chests. Yellow chests give powerful artifacts. There is no need to kill all monsters because you do not gain experience. Whenever your hit points drop below ten, drag and drop the wings over the main character and teleport him to starting position.